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Adret Defined


a side of a mountain receiving direct sunlight.



Who We Are

We are a vibrant group of artists who discovered our creative kinship within Tamara Dinius's studio. Initially brought together through a class experience with her, our connection paved the way for an exciting opportunity – renting a space of our own on her property.

Over the past year, our collective has evolved beyond a shared studio space; we've transformed into a close-knit tribe and support network. What unites us is a deep belief in the transformative power of art to heal and mend the fabric of our lives. Embracing the philosophy that art has the ability to heal the cracks in our souls, we recognize that we are all a little broken, and it's through art that we find solace and restoration.

Situated on 5 picturesque acres in the foothills of Washougal, our studio provides an inspiring backdrop for creativity to flourish. Each member boasts a designated workspace within our haven, and the culmination of our artistic endeavors graces the walls of our shared gallery on the property.

Here at the Adret Collective, we invite you to explore the unique blend of artistry, camaraderie, and healing that defines us.

Join us on this journey of transformation through art.

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